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Lo Tahoma


Kent and I consider ourselves homesteaders.  Although we didn't clear the land ourselves, we continue to live and learn from it every day.  Lo Tahoma is fortunate to have a wildlife corridor running through it, Elk, Deer, Bobcat, Black Bear, Raccoons and Coyotes frequent our property during various times of the year, flocks of Migratory Birds stop over for a few weeks at a time before moving farther north or south, Barred Owls, Pygmy Owls and Pileated Woodpeckers make their permanent home in our woods. 

It is because of the wildlife corridor that we have chosen not to have any domestic pets, we do not want to deter the wildlife in any way, it is an amazing sight to see these animals & birds in their natural surroundings.

We're small foresters, gardeners, beekeepers, goat walkers, fire builders, soap makers, and much more. Kent is a retired wooden boat builder and I am a public library employee.  In the Spring of 2019 we invited our first intern to Lo Tahoma, Daniel lives and works alongside us for 8 months out of the year.  2023 will be Daniel's 5th year @ Lo Tahoma, it is because of him we were able to build our first campsite which opened to the public in the Spring of 2020.

We look forward to offering more classes and adding another campsite, we enjoy working outside with our hands, providing for ourselves and sharing what we've learned with others. 

Beautiful location for a soap making class. Received lots of little tips you won’t get from a book. Jill and Kent are gracious hosts who are warm and welcoming. Can’t wait to take more classes! - Wendy K.

The setting is unrivaled in beauty, Jill and Kent are both very knowledgeable and eager to share all they know about sustainable living. Any class taken out there is well worth the time and effort 😊 - Faith P.

I went to the class on foraging for nettles and thoroughly enjoyed myself. We gathered a bagful to keep, then ate some steamed, drank nettles in a couple different forms, and learned about the many health benefits while sitting by the fire. - Carrie B.

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